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WASHINGTON – The White House has announced that it has nominated Paul Trombino, former Iowa Department of Transportation director and former president of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, to lead the Federal Highway Administration.

“Paul has been an important leader in transportation for many years. His emphasis on transportation as a key part of economic development – particularly the movement of freight and goods in a global economy – has helped frame national policy and investments,” said Bud Wright, AASHTO executive director.

“We look forward to working closely with Administrator-nominee Trombino and the Federal Highway Administration on important issues facing the national transportation system including the deployment of new technologies that increase safety and improve efficiency; streamlining project delivery to ensure the American public gets the best value on its transportation investments; and addressing the long-term stability of the Highway Trust Fund.”

As AASHTO’s 2015-2016 president, Trombino focused on Congressional action on a new surface transportation bill, as well as ensuring AASHTO was well positioned to serve its member departments, ultimately leading the organization through a major committee restructuring.



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